Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use Exam4Pass Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "we", "us", "our" and "ourselves") operates a website called Exam4Pass, web-address is https://www.Exam4Pass.com/ including all the subsidiary pages (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). The registered office of the Company is situated at the Room 2512, Langham Place Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Mentioned below are the legal agreements that are binding between the Company and you (hereinafter referred to as the "User"). You are requested to carefully read these Terms of Use because they are related to the way you use and interact with the Website, and/or with the information that is part of it and/or that is shared on our social media profiles and pages, and all the products and services that you can access through the Website. The mentioned Terms of Use govern all kinds of uses of the Website, whether as a registered customer or as a guest. "Common Terms of Use" means the Terms of Use that have been laid out here. "Particular Terms of Use" refers to those Particular Terms of Use that have been laid out to cover any service or product that you may buy through the Website, and those Terms of Use that take precedence over the Common Terms of Use to the possibility of any conflict between them.

Common Terms of Use

Website Usage
You accept and agree to the following Common Terms of Use, completely, in letter and spirit immediately by accessing the Website and any/all of its related subsidiary pages. You will also be informed about other special or additional Terms of Use before you make any purchases from or through this Website. All information and material on the Exam4Pass Website or social media pages is posted for informational reasons only and do not account for professional, legal or financial advice of any kind possible, hence it should not be relied upon in any circumstances as such. In cases where you require professional advice, you are hereby requested to contact and consult a party qualified in such affairs before taking action in the light of the information provided therein, or buying any products or services which may be available on or from this Website. The Website Exam4Pass provides users the permission to upload and download files from the Website without any restrictions. User also have the option to upload files on the Website for exchanging with each other. The Company doesn't take the responsibility for the content of these exchanging files. You also agree to fact that any comments that you post on the Exam4Pass Website or on any of our social media pages will be visible to the public, and that we will have no responsibility or control over or liable for any use of the information that is done by any third party who views the comments that you may have posted.
Third-Party Websites and Services Links
The Exam4Pass Website's content can contains banners, links and buttons which redirect the User to other websites or third-party resources related to the user's interest. It is not advised to use or buy any third-party services or products. These links are only there for additional information. Also, it should be noted that if any link makes its way to our Website, it most certainly does not mean that we endorse the source website. You are to use the links provided at Exam4Pass Website on your own risk. Our Terms of Use are not applied on links to other websites or third-party resources. It is advised that you go through the Terms of Use of the respective link before making any move. It is to be noted that the linked websites are out of our control and it is not our responsibility to check the content of these websites. If your privacy is compromised on any of these links that we do not accept any responsibility, nor are we responsible for any sort of transmission received from any of the provided links.
Changes and Updates to the Exam4Pass Website
We are responsible for the reliability and the accuracy of the Website content and the information that is displayed on the Exam4Pass Website. However, it is not guaranteed that the information that you see on the Exam4Pass Website is always accurate and complete. We continuously update the Website's content whenever we see fit so that the authenticity is not compromised. It should be noted that we do not make any undertakings of the nature of the information and content on the Website. We can also make changes and adjustments to the current Terms of Use at any time. Your use of Exam4Pass services and products will also be subject to change after the Terms of Use are altered. It is your duty as the user to check for changes in the Terms of Use every now and again or when you are purchasing a service or product from the Website. We will make all necessary efforts to make sure that the Exam4Pass Website is up to date at all times. In order to this we have the right to remove or change any part of the Website at any given time without a notice. If you accept our Terms of Use then we will not be liable to you if any part of the Website is changed or removed completely.
Exclusion of Liability to You from the Use of the Exam4Pass Website
Any liability that you may bear during the use of the Exam4Pass Website due to negligence or any reason whatsoever is excluded to the full extent as permitted by law. There is no warranty or guarantee that the functionality of the Website will remain error free or uninterrupted. The website is provided without any endorsements on an "AS AVAILABLE" and "AS IS" and there is no warranty of any kind.
Copyright and Trade Marks
The user is permitted to copy, print or view files and images from the Exam4Pass Website for personal use, however the rights will remain with the Company. Everything that you see on the Website including images, layouts, templates and texts all belong to the Company. Things provided by third-parties do not fall into this category. All kinds of trademarks, company names and logos, all belong to the rightful owners. Anything that does not belong to the company like design, graphics and more all belong to the owners. If you purchase a service or Exam4Pass product, then you can use it to the extent that you are permitted to. You are not allowed to sell anything that you find from the Website.
Force Majeure
If you order any Exam4Pass product or service via our Website then we are not responsible for any delay or failure as long as the failure comes from outside our control. These circumstances include things like accidents, lock outs, fire or failure of communication. Should a Force Majeure event occur, we will try to fulfill are obligations if we are entitled to them. If a Force Majeure event occurs then we promise to notify the user as soon as possible. If the Force Majeure goes on for more than 14 days then both the parties have the choice to cancel the agreement. If you have paid for a service in advance then you will get a full refund.
Creating Profile at the Exam4Pass Website
The Website Exam4Pass provides a step by step procedure for you to create an account and register it with us. After you have registered with us, it is your responsibility to keep your account secure and be aware of all the activities that are happening in it. You are not allowed to share details of your account with anyone else. Immediately inform the Company if you suspect your account has been breached. In the event that your account has been breached, the Company shall not be accountable for any loss or damage to your data.
Data Protection and Privacy
We agree to make sure that none of your data is available to any third-party without your consent. Your privacy and protection is our top priority. After the initial registration, you have the right to change or update any part of your personal information at any time on the Exam4Pass Website. For better security and confidentiality, read our detailed Privacy Policy to learn more about how to protect your personal information.
If there is any conflict between the Common Terms of Use and the Particular Terms of Use then it is to be noted that the Particular Terms of Use shall be considered and taken into account. If in any case it is found that the Common Terms of Use are invalid or unlawful then that particular clause shall be removed. This removal shall not affect any of the other clauses. Any person who is not a direct part of an agreement under the given Common Terms of Use shall not have the right to enforce any clause of the agreement.
Wherever the Common Terms of Use or Particular Terms of Use provide explicitly or implicitly for the service of notices, this clause is applied. All notices of the kind will be sent to the business address and can be sent in various ways: • Sent by E-mail; • By air courier; • May be personally delivered; • By facsimile. Any notice within our agreement with you should be written in English language, except when directed otherwise. Notices shall be rendered given when they are received by the receiver.
Jurisdiction and Governing Law
If any difference or dispute arises, then the Hong Kong SAR courts shall have full Jurisdiction over them. The dispute can be in or out of connection with the use of the Website and any purchases made on it. All your activities on the Website and the purchases that you make are to be governed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR.
Particular Terms of Use
All the payment transactions that are done through any of the subsidiary pages of the Exam4Pass Website fall under these Particular Terms of Use. You must thoroughly read and completely agree to the Common Terms of Use, those which govern our agreements as to the use of the Website in Common, and the Particular Terms of Use together in full. If you agree to the Terms of Use then click agree during the checkout. In case you do not agree to any of the Terms of Use, then you are requested to click "cancel" and not use any of our services or products offered at this Website.
Description of Services and Products
Products and services refer to all digital learning materials offered at Exam4Pass.com Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Products"). Under these Particular Terms of Use, we hereby grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive rights to use and access the Products according to the Particular Terms of Use. Bear in mind, these rights can not be sold or transfer. We shall retain all title, interest and right in the Products, with the inclusion of all intellectual properties embodied therein. Additionally, all the materials including trade names, service marks and trademarks are exclusively our property. These Particular Terms of Use clearly lay out that you do not have any rights, implied or expressed, pertaining to the Exam4Pass Products except for those that have been mentioned in the Particular Terms of Use. To the extent as laid out by applicable law, you may not permit any other person or entity, or of your own self lease, redistribute or sublicense any part of the Products; or remake, duplicate, reproduce, resell, trade or exploit for any commercial purpose, any part or use of or access to the Products; or decompile, modify, disassemble, translate, reverse engineer or make an effort to reveal or discover the Products' source code or create other works from the the Products that are derivative in nature; retransmit, reproduce, store, copy, distribute, capture and burn to cd any copyrighted content that you receive or have access to when using the Exam4Pass Products. You are held responsible for the liability and risk of such kinds of prohibited and forbidden uses of copyright material. The Company makes continuous efforts to improvise on the current products and services to bring maximum benefit to users. Hence, you will be given access rights to receive the latest features and updates that are made to the Exam4Pass Products as we, on our sole discretion, make available the features during the service period. To perform the Products optimization at times we may, (i) limit the availability of the Products, at any time without or with notice, for maintenance purposes, or (ii) Remove, add or modify the features of the Products. It is recommended that your frequently go through the Terms of Use in order to keep up with any changes we make to the Terms of Use. It will be considered that you have accepted any changes to the Terms of Use if you continue to use the Products even after updates had been made to the Terms of Use. Update notices will be posted on our Exam4Pass Website and it will considered that it has been posted to you once it is uploaded on the Website.
Premium Membership
Premium Membership product (hereinafter referred to as the "Premium Membership") means the access to all the Products at the Website offered separately during the Subscription Period. The Subscription Period (hereinafter referred to as the "Subscription Period") will begin on the date when you buy the Premium Membership at the Exam4Pass.com Website. Once the Subscription Period ends, your right to use the Premium Membership also expires. We also reserve the right to terminate or suspend your Premium Membership at any time, on our sole discretion, if we have to reason to believe that you violation or have actually violated the Terms of Use that are mentioned here. We may also take similar action if your usage of the Products disrupts other people's rights or causes us to have legal liabilities.
During the ordering process, you are given a range of choices to choose from. Before proceeding to any purchases, it is considered your responsibility to read and properly understand the choices given. It is highly recommended that you contact us beforehand if you have any questions pertaining to Exam4Pass products or services or any other aspect of your order. We try our best to quickly answer your query however we cannot warrant or guarantee that this will always be the case. Hence, you are responsible in gathering further information, about the Exam4Pass product or service, from us before you make the intention purchasing it. We reserve the right to reject any orders if we want to without disclosing any particular reason. In accordance with these Terms of Use and our acceptance of your order, all the orders that are placed through the Exam4Pass Website will be treated as an offer by you to buy the product or service that we deliver.
Price of Services and Goods
The prices are VAT inclusive, unless otherwise indicated. The prices of any service or goods that you might want to purchase are clearly mentioned under the option you select on our Exam4Pass Website. We are not liable for amending or withdrawing, refusing to process order or failing to do so for any of the products or services that we sell. Before you confirm the order, the total price of your purchase will be shown to you. We reserve the right to update, withdraw or amend any of the services and Exam4Pass products that we offer, or change their prices at any time without prior explanation or notice. In the wake of a serious error, even though we make full effort to make sure prices are always correct, any such transaction shall be voided by us, and you will be entitled to a full refund.
Your credit card data is sent directly via payment service provider (acquiring bank) whenever you make payments through your credit card. The Company takes all possible reasonable steps against of unauthorized access by third parties. This excludes, the possibility of such data becoming accessible to third parties while being transferred electronically. But it must be noted that it's impossible to protect the data transferred electronically 100% sure. Please don't forget about the possibility of such data can become known by unauthorised third parties and take care about that from your part as well.
Recurring Payments (Subscription)
If you select the Premium Membership product, not one-time purchase then you accept that we have the right to create a Exam4Pass subscription service. The day you sign up for the Premium Membership is the day you will charged for it and the Subscription Period will be of one (1) month, one (1) year or any other time period depending on the plan that you opt for. Based on the service plan, automatic payments recur in a subscription plan. Automatic charges (recurring payment subscriptions) can be cancelled by you at any time by clicking on the cancellation link that this present at the relevant page of your personal profile dashboard at the Exam4Pass Website. The account will then only remain active till the time period remaining as per your billing cycle.
Delivery Period and Terms of Delivery
You will receive an email which will guide you to all the required information about the download and usage of the Products after you make the purchase. The email will be sent to the email address that you used to register at the Website. In normal cases, you will be given immediate access to the purchased Exam4Pass Products. Once your complete the purchase, you will receive access to a relevant Website's page with a download link for the purchased Products, or you will be given an access code to activate the product or service, or you will be facilitated in some other way to use the Producta. Product delivery may get delayed for up to twelve hours in cases where the credit card is flagged or requires manual verification. If you choose the Premium Membership product when buying, so in accordance with the selected subscription type, each Premium Membership subscription will be kept active for a certain period of time - your Exam4Pass Subscription Period. You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you do not this, then the subscription will remain autoatically-recurring, i.e. your credit card will be billed each Subscription Period automatically. One-time purchases do not fall in this bracket and remain active as per their time period depending on the product type selected. Please contact us directly in case where you need to request a refund, or cancel order, or for withdrawal or for exchange or return of the purchased Exam4Pass Products, or for any other questions or queries.

Privacy Policy

Last updated on January 15, 2019 We are happy to greet you ("we", "us", "our" and "ourselves") at Exam4Pass website (https://Exam4Pass.com) including all the subsidiary pages (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and other digital and interactive services and applications that link to this Privacy Policy (collectively the "Services"). We have developed this Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") to facilitate you in understanding the way in which we transfer, store, collect and use the information that you provide us. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, so we have written this document to ensure that we clarify our policies in this regard. Aside from other important things, our Privacy Policy helps you understand the reasons why we collect user data. The Privacy Policy also tells you how to change or remove your personal data and with whom we share your data. If you are using the Exam4Pass Website and the Services then it means that you agree to all the terms and conditions that are written in the Privacy Policy along with our Terms of Use (collectively the "User Agreements"). You also recognize that you have read and understood these User Agreements, which is why it is advised that you go through them very carefully. However, if you find some part of our User Agreements to be wrong in any way and you disagree with it then you do not have the right to access the Exam4Pass Website and the Services along with to use any services provided. We have revised our Privacy Policy so that is much shorter and easier to read and to get in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Please note that we have not made any changes to our processes and we continue to use the same methods to process user data. If you have any questions related to the Privacy Policy then feel free to contact Exam4Pass.com.
1. What Data Do We Get?
There are some parts of data that we collect directly from the user, these include things like the data we get from other platforms that you connect to the Website. We also gather the information that you enter yourself. Other data is collected automatically like the parts of the Website that you spend the most time using and also the information about the device that you are using.
1.1. The Data You Share With Us
If you create an account and use the Website, including through a third-party websites, we collect the data you provide directly. The data stored by us and associated with your account includes things like: • Account Data (the "Account Data"): if you wish to get access to some features and purchases on the Exam4Pass Website, then you will have to create an account. Whenever you update or create a new account then store the data that you provide like passwords and email addresses. • Shared Content: there are some parts of the Website which allow you to share content and communicate with other users. You can share content in the form of answers, files or even reviews. All of this shared content will be available to the public depending on where it has been posted. • Profile Data: if you wish then you can also provide us your profile information like data of birth, photo, gender and more. However, all of your profile data will be visible publicly. • Account Payment Data: if you want to make any kind of purchase from the Exam4Pass.com Website then you will need to provide your billing data to our payment processing partner. To ensure maximum security, the Website does not collect any sensitive data like credit card numbers. However, we do collect some data such as the name and zip code of the user. • Promotions and Surveys: we may use a third-party platform or the Website itself to help you participate in a Exam4Pass promotion or complete a survey. If you choose to participate in such activities then we will collect data including your name, phone number and email. This data will be user to notify winners of the survey or promotion and to distribute prizes. Unless the official rules of the promotion or survey say otherwise, this data is subject to the Privacy Policy. • Communication and Support: We also collect data including contact information, messages, email address, location and more every time you contact us to report a problem or for technical support.
1.2. The Data That We Collect Automatically
When you access the Exam4Pass Website, we collect some data by automated means. This information is collected through the use of server log files and tracking technologies (more information about this can be found in Section 2.1.). This data is stored by us and associated with your account and includes: • Usage Data (the "Usage Data"): we collect usage data from every user, this data includes things like pages accessed, features used, time spent, click data, search queries and other data. • System Data (the "System Data"): we also collect technical data known as system data. This kind of data includes things like operating system type, IP address, device type, browser and its language, domain and more. • Approximate Geographic Data: approximate geographic location data is also collect, the information that we collect include country, city and geographic coordinates. All of this data is collected bases on the calculations on your IP address.
2. How Do We Get Data About You?
We use a variety of different tools for gathering user data. These tools include things like Exam4Pass analytics services, cookies, web beacons and advertising providers. You do have the choice to stop some tools from being used for data collection.
2.1. Cookies and Data Collection Tools
2.1.1. What Are Cookies?
Cookies are a great way for storing, sharing and gathering data related to your internet activities across different websites. Cookies are described as text files that your browser stores as you use the internet. Cookies help in many ways, they help us remember your visits to the Website and give us some valuable information to help you give you a better experience. We also use session cookies that are deleted automatically after sometime or when you close your browser. The other kind is known as persistent cookies that are stored in the browser for a specific amount of time. We use persistent cookies to gather data related to your activities for a longer period of time, whereas session cookies are used to gather smaller pieces of information.
2.1.2. Why Does The Exam4Pass Website Use Cookies and Similar Technologies?
We enhance, measure and deliver our services in many different ways and to ensure our standards we use technologies like pixel tags, web beacons and local shared objects. We also use cookies, irrespective of whether you access the site or use any of our services in the browser or as a mobile version. We accumulate helpful additional data with the aid of newer technologies and methods.
Following are the reasons for which we use cookies:
• In order to bring more valuable content to you; to deliver more personalized content to you. • For purposes of research and analytical data: we keep track of how people interact with our the Website and improve our Exam4Pass Website accordingly. We utilize analytics partners like Google Analytics which use many similar technologies and cookies in order to develop key insights into our traffic insights. You have the option of opting out of these services through tools like the Opt-out browser add-on. • Security: cookies help us in fighting off spam, viruses and other abuses of our the Website agreement. This way we ensure safe and easy the Website experience for you. • Advertising: cookies help us in showing you better more relevant advertisements. • We use cookies so that we remember data, the choices you make and your general preferences for when you visit our site. You must however, keep in mind that the technology pertaining to advertising is directly integrated to our the Website and hence, it is possible that you still receive advertisements on other sites which are not optimized to your interests. As for mobile applications, you will receive advertisements within the applications. These advertisements are governed by specific rules that have been laid out by Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows to control their use. As for other types of operating systems and devices, you should revisit your privacy setting and keep in touch with your platform operator.
2.1.3. What Are Cookies Privacy Options
How we and our partners use cookies is completely controllable by the user and there are many ways to do that. • As a default setting, many of the popular browsers that we use today accept cookies automatically. However, this is a setting that you can later change by going into the browser settings and decline the cookies option. One thing to keep in mind is that, if you choose this option then you will not be able to customize or sign in to the Exam4Pass Website if you change the settings. • If you want to control cookies that are used for tailored advertising, visit the consumer opt-out pages for the Digital Advertising Alliance and Network Advertising Initiative. However, if you live in the European Union then you can visit the Your Online Choice Site. If you want to change Google Analytics' settings or customize the Google Display Network advertisements then you should visit the Google Ads Settings Page. • There are different kinds of cookies that you can find, one of which are flash cookies. They function in a different manner than browser cookies and that is why they cannot be disabled in the conventional way. If you wish to manage flash cookies then visit Website Storage Settings Panel or read Adobe's article on managing flash cookies.
2.2. How Do We Use Cookies and Data Collection Tools?
The Website and its service providers than work with us to provide features to the user use different kinds of data collection tools. In addition to server log files, we also used automated data collection tools such as scripts, tags, customized links, cookies, browser fingerprints and web beacons. All of these automated tools are activated when you access or use the Website. It is the duty of these Data Collection Tools to track and gather data like the Usage Data and the System Data whenever you log on to the Website and use it. In some instances we may also tie other data with the data collected by the Data Collection Tools as it has been described in the Privacy Policy. Cookies are used to provide the user a better experience, we use it to personalize your experience, analyze your activity on the Exam4Pass.com Website and help the Website recognize you whenever you return. Web beacons help us measure the actions of the Website's users and visitors, this information is used for finding out whether a page was visited or if an email was opened. Web beacons are also used for better advertising by identifying new mobile app downloads and stopping some promotional messages from being shown to certain users. Some of the main types of cookies that the Website uses are mentioned below: • Functional: These kinds of cookies are used for storing functional settings like the volume level that you normally use. • Preferences: These kinds of cookies store the data related to your preferred and browser settings. These settings may affect the behavior and appearance of the Website. • Session State: Session State cookies are used to collect data related to your interactions on the Website. This information is used to improve the Website and give you a better experience over all. The cookies are also used to enable processing of your purchase and remember your login details. Session State cookies are extremely important for the Website to work correctly, so make sure that you do not disable them. • Security: As the name suggests Security Cookies are used for security purposes. They are used to allow you to access and login the Website and prevent false logins. These cookies also help to prevent unauthorized use of an account. It is up to the user to set the browser settings to control the use of cookies or limit the types of cookies you allow. You can also disable all the cookies, however if you do disable the cookies then it will affect your browsing experience. It is possible that you might not be able to use some of the features and functions of the Exam4Pass Website. Third-party partners also operate on our the Website to provide some much needed features. These clients use Local Storage Objects (LSO) or flash cookies in order to store and gather data.
2.3. Analytics
We use Google Analytics and other third-party mobile and browser analytics services on the Website. With the help of these serves we can analyze your activities on the Website with the help of Data Collection Tools. The information that we get include how often you visit, third-party websites, events of the Website, performance data and where you downloaded the application from. All of this data is used to improve the Exam4Pass Website and to understand how the Website works on all of the different devices.
2.4. Online Advertising
To advertise our Website on other websites and application we sometimes use third-party services like Facebook, Google's ad services and Taboola. The ads that are displayed are based on the information that we gather about you. The data we use can be the System Data or the Usage Data, the ad service providers also use the data that they know about you based on their tracking data. Your activity on other sites and services including recent activity is also taken into account during advertisements. Different advertising services have different ways to gather data, most of these services however opt to place tracking technologies and cookies on your devices to collect data regarding your activity on the Website. The information gathered through tracking and cookies is then used to display the most relevant advertisements. To make sure that the advertisements are always relevant we give the service providers a hashed version of your email address which is basically unreadable by a human, we may also share with them the content that you share publicly on the Website. If you are using a mobile application then you may also see advertisements. However, depending on the operating system you are using may it be iOS, Android or Windows, they all have different methods to control app advertisements. If you use some other operating system or device then you should go through the privacy settings and get information about your platform.
3. What Do We Use Data From You For?
The data that we collect from the user is used for a variety of different reasons. First and foremost it is given to the Website to improve the user experience, the data is used to communicate with the user and also to troubleshoot issues. This data is also used for security against abuse and fraud, it is used for personalized advertising and to analyze how people interact with the Exam4Pass Website. As mentioned earlier, the data is used for different reasons, some of which are mentioned below: • The data is used to process orders and requests for services, products, information and other features. • It is used to display personalized content on the Website and to communicate with the users to provide a better experience. • To communicate with the user through: o Sending messages and information about Exam4Pass.com new products, new features, promotions, services, newsletters and promotions. o Replying to all of your concerns and questions. o Sending notifications and administrative messages about the Websites and updates to the agreements. o We also send push notifications to your devices for updates and messages. However, you can choose to disable this feature on your device. • Administer surveys and market promotions that are sponsored by the Website. • Administer your account preferences and personalized settings. • Troubleshoot and resolve issues, prevent frauds and secure the Website as a whole. • Get feedback from the users. • Develop services, features and new products for the Website to improve it. • Display advertisements across all of the different devices. • Identify and recognize unique or new users from different devices. • Link your data with other data provided by third-party data providers. Use analytics service provides to analyze the data. • Advertise the Website on other applications and websites. • As permitted by low we are determined to ensure security and safety of your employees, third parties and users.
4. Who Do We Share Data With?
Your data can be shared with some of the companies that are working for us to provide services these include analytics, social media providers, data enrichment providers, advertisement companies and those companies that help us run various surveys and promotion in order to promote Exam4Pass.com Website. We can also share your data when it's gathered or with your consent. You data can also be shared for security, corporate restructuring and legal compliance. The circumstances under which we may share your data with third parties has been described below. • With Data Enrichment Services and Analytics: whenever we use third-party services like Google analytics then we share some of your information including, Account Data, contact information, Usage Data, de-identified data and the System Data. De-identified data is that data that does not have the users email address or name, all of these things are replaced with a token ID. With this techniques, all of these service providers can provide analytics services and match your data with database information that is publicly available. • With Agents, Service Providers, Contractors: in order to get services like payment processing, marketing, advertising, hosting services, customer services and data analysis we have to share your data with these third-party companies. The third-party companies can only use and access your data according to the guidelines that we provide. • To Power Social Media Features: social media features like the famous Facebook 'Like' button also collect data like your IP address the website that you are visiting. The features can also enable cookies. Everything that you do and how you interact with features is governed by the third-parties privacy policy. • For Advertising: we may share and use come of your Usage and System Data with third-party advertisers or service provides if we decide to offer advertising sometime in the future. This data is used to show preference information of the user and demographics for better advertising. Various data collection tools can also be sued by these service providers in order to collect the System Data. This data is used to show you targeted advertisements to personalize your experience. The advertisers also have the right to share the data that they have collected with use. You can however, choose to opt out from taking part in behavioral advertising, but take not that general ads will still be showed to you. • To Govern Surveys and Promotions: we can use your data to govern or market promotions and surveys that you choose to take part in. We will only take data as required by the law or in accordance with the rules of the survey or promotion. • For Legal Compliance and Security: we many provide third parties with your data if we believe that the disclosure is: o Requested for a legal inquiry, governmental or judicial proceeding/ o Required by the law o Mandatory to enforce our Privacy Policy, legal agreements or Terms of Use. o If the data is required as a warrant, legal request or proceedings. o We can share the data to protect the Exam4Pass Website from harm and to protect its rights, property, users, employees and members of the public. o The data can also be disclosed to prevent fraud, violations of any kind, abuse and to address technical and security issues. o We may also provide your data to our legal advisors and auditors to evaluate our obligations in accordance with our Privacy Policy. • After De-Identification: we can also disclose any de-identified data for any reason. • During Change in Control: if the Website undergoes acquisition, merger or sale of assets then we may transfer all of your data to the new organization. • With Permission: we can also share or disclose your data to third parties with your consent contrary to the Privacy Policy.
5. Security
Depending on the sensitivity of the data being stored we use the best and most appropriate methods. There is always a chance of unauthorized access on the internet and we are well aware of that and hence, we recommend our users to immediately establish contact with our team in case you detect or feel something of the sort. We also strongly recommend that you create passwords that are difficult to crack. Sine we collect and store your data we take it as our responsibility to protect it from being ever disclosed, altered or destroyed and even protect it against unauthorized access. We take measures depending on the extent and sensitivity of the data that is in question. We however, cannot ensure 100% security as it is near to impossible, and cannot guarantee that your data will not be completely safe from unauthorized access during your communication with the Website. At all times, it is strongly suggested that users take all the right measures to protect their passwords and never disclose it to anyone, especially any third parties. You are requested to immediately change your password if you ever feel or suspect that it has been compromised. You always have the option to contact us in this regard.
6. Users' Rights
There are some basic rights to which you are entitled to as a user of our '. This includes your right to opt out of cookies, collection of data through analytic services and our promotional emails. You can terminate your account at any time and send us a request regarding your personal data. As a parent, if you feel we have collected some data about an underage child of yours then you should contact us and ask to delete that information immediately.
6.1. Use of Data and User Choices
If you ask us to not collect your data then the services and features that you enjoy on the Website will be limited. • You can at any time rid yourself of our promotional emails by simply changing your email preferences or by using the unsubscribe mechanism that is provided with promotional content that you receive. Please note that irrespective of your email preferences, you will continue to receive transactional and relationship messages from us. These include order confirmations, policy changes and notices, and other administrative messages. • You may be allowed to control cookies and other local data storage types through the browser, system or device. You can also control the data we collect about your location or other data from your wireless device. • You can visit the Google Ads Settings page to change and opt out Google's Display Network or Google's Display Advertising. • You can use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on to opt out of Google Analytics.
6.2. Updating, Deleting and Accessing Your Personal Data
We have mentioned the method with which you can update or access your personal data on the Website in the following lines, • Log into your account, update the information and also update your account at any given time. • In order to terminate your account: 1. Go to your profile settings page and follow each and every step. 2. You can contact us if you have any issues in terminating your account. 3. Please bear in mind, that after you terminate your account then some or all of your data may still be visible to third parties. This includes all the information that may have been stored, copied or spread by other users. This also includes your shared content or those things which you posted or shared on other third party platforms. Terminating an account does not mean that we give up or destroy all the information we collected rather we hold onto it, under applicable law, up to a time that we deem fit. We may also disclose or retain your data after you have terminated it. 4. You will have to contact us directly if you want to request access, delete or correct your personal data from Exam4Pass.com website. Allows us thirty days to answer to your query and please note that we may entertain your email if it is from the email address that you used to create the account in the first place. We may also need to verify your identity before entertaining the request at any level. Also remember, that we retain certain data for ourselves under applicable law and with good reason such as completing transactions or for keeping mandatory record.
6.3. Our Privacy Policy and Children
We encourage parents and guardians to take keen interest in the internet activities of their children and we full acknowledge the privacy concerns that a parent may have. We will not collect data from anyone under the age of 13 (or under sixteen for European Economic Area) and such people are not supposed to use the Website. We will take reasonable steps to delete such data as soon as it comes in our knowledge. If you come to know about some data we may have collected about your child then you can contact us at any time and we will delete it.
7. Specified Jurisdiction Rules
7.1. California Users
As a resident of California, you reserve the right to some details of your personal data and how we share them with third parties for direct marketing purposes. You can contact us at any time for this and just enter ' Californa Shine the Light' in the subject to get our attention along with your email address, state of residence and mailing address. Since we do not have Do Not Track standards or implementations or solutions we do not entertain or comprehend Do Not Track signals initiated by browsers.
7.2. Users outside of the USA
As a data controller, the Website is committed to fulfill the GDPR rights of data subjects. In operating the Website, we process data as a controller. (such terms are clearly defined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation)
8. Updates & Contact Info
8.1. Modifications To This Privacy Policy
It is possible that we update the existing Privacy Policy overtime, however if we do make any changes to the policy then we will notify the user through notifications or email. Aside from a notification, we also give the user a short summary regarding the changes that were made to the Privacy Policy. The modifications and changes that are made to the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately unless stated otherwise. If you use to the Website after the changes are made to the Privacy Policy then this action will be considered as acknowledgement that you accept the Exam4Pass.com new Privacy Policy. All previous Privacy Policies are superseded by the new Privacy Policy.
8.2. Interpretation
Any clauses that are not mentioned in the Privacy Policy shall be mentioned in the Terms of Use.
8.3. Questions
Feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer via email at support@Exam4Pass.com if you have any queries, disputes, concerns or questions related to our Privacy Policy.